Friday, September 19, 2014

Unconscious power

(Photo: taken from the window of my room)                                         

Do you know that we all possess great self-healing power only if we believe ourselves?

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Handwritten messages

From the experiences I had in retail and branding industry, I have witnessed and participated in different interactions between brands and customers. Of course most customers love discounts, discount offering may stimulates impulse consumption, yet it may not be the best choice to build the loyalties from the customers. In fact it really doesn't need to mark down the price in order to gain their fondness. You need to understand them and put your heart there.

I always love the surprises arranged by Dior, the brand never offers any discount no matter how loyalty you are or how much you buy. Instead, they invite customers to nice and memorable events, sending surprise gifts from time to time - chocolates, moon cakes, fashion accessories, and even new products (not samples) and special services...they knew what their customers want.

And I also like the detail or minor (yet important) area they never forget, the handwritten card enclosed with the gift enhances the whole experience. Never underestimated such a small memo or greeting, the customers value a lot on it especially they see their names being hand-written on the card (beautiful Calligraphy certainly plays an important role there).

In the end...who doesn't like a bit feeling of being pampered?


I like calligraphy and handwritten messages, they mean much more beside the meaning of the words themselves. By conveying the message, it also speaks the emotion, feeling and the heart from the message and the writer which can never be replaced by printing or digital messages.

Do you miss the days when we received written or even hand-made greeting cards?

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Enso Art - Name in Enso

 Enso with name

Drawing Enso is not boring at all, it is fun to play with different ideas...

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Enso 円相. Let it flow - no matter it's a circle or a life!



I love Calligraphy, Chinese, Japanese and Western...

Calligraphy is not simply an art. Practicing it is actually a form of "moving meditation" (yes sitting still is not the only way to meditate) and it's an excellent one! 

Drawing Enso 円相 is the best example of brushing meditation - 円(En) means circle, while Enso 円相 is a word from Zen, means drawing a circle with one stroke.
Enso is the center of Japanese calligraphy, the circle being as a symbol of absolute enlightenment, represents oneness, wholeness, nothing, infinity, and the universe. And it is an expression of strength, elegant and aesthetic!!

(The circle looks pretty cool with its shape, stroke and the deep meaning there, some people even have Enso inked into the skin!)

Enso is a spiritual practice - drawing circle in a single brush stroke while in a state of no thinking, simply let the body and spirit create with a free mind, be present at the moment and achieving mindfulness. We can never draw two identical circles, every circle is a unique one. Once started the stroke, it cannot be changed, no regret, no comparison and no judgement as they are not necessary. Neither do we need to strive for any perfection of the stroke or shape, and never mind if the circle is closed or opened.  

The circle created reflects ourselves at that brief moment, through the process and the finished circle, we also know a lot more about ourselves. For example,  I haven't yet make an Enso that I am satisfied, sometimes I found myself difficult to clear my mind during the drawing, I can't help striving for a perfect circle with perfect stroke, as a result I think too much and even hesitate in the middle, the worst case is I do not finish the circle before starting another now I know this is a mirror of my real life....that's the exact pattern I work on everything - looking for perfect outcome and in the end create stresses on myself and even worse on others...
Now Look at the circle again,
Every circle in fact is the same - nothing inside and nothing outside. And what's inside is in fact the same as outside.

Our inner self is the same as the outer universe.

So now do we still need to struggle on the shape of the line?

Free the mind and let it flow, no matter it's a circle or a life!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014



Do you know Autumn has arrived?

Aug 23 marked the starting of the "End of Heat" in 24 Solar Terms, representing an unstable weather condition, maybe still ridiculously hot in daytime while started getting a bit cool at night. The wonderful feeling of Autumn normally does not appear until Autumnal equinox (Sept 23) - beautiful days, blue sky, fallen leaves, light breeze, never too cold or too hot, our mood is great and that's a great timing to travel around!

I thought of posting a picture of Autumn and I just found that I do not have one at the moment, I must take some nice pics this Autumn! Do you have any to share? 

Enjoy the season!



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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Spread Love not hate


What is happening to our world?

Conflicts, wars, terrorism, disasters, diseases...

Frustration, anger, hatred...

Negative emotions accumulated, empowered and spreading everywhere..what's next? 

Emotions are just like viruses, they are highly contagious, we keep infecting and being infected by any form of emotion everyday, no matter they are positive or negative. In addition to the power of social media nowadays, the spreading rate is unbelievable! Nowadays it is not that difficult to influence the world in only a short period of time (see the ice bucket challenge recently).

Never underestimate the energy derived from a little anger or hate from an individual, a small conflict today can possibly become highly destructive to the world in the end. We all contribute not only to the happenings of the world, but also its health and emotion. So do ourselves and the world a favor, stop for a while whenever you are angry, don't spread the negative energy, stop whining and think twice before you want to complain... 

Although it seems that we may not able to solve some worldwide crisis easily, all we can do is to reduce the conflicts with others in our own lives and stop infecting others with negative thoughts and emotions. 

It's simple though not easy to do it, keep in mind that we are influencing the world everyday, we want peace and harmony, so starting from our own today,

Spread Love, not hate!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Quiet moments

Chinese Calligraphy - quiet, calm, 靜

Ever felt overwhelmed?

Maybe we have too many things to deal with, maybe our lives are too busy, maybe we feel suffocated...and maybe it's just too noisy out there......

Living in this modern (distorted) world today, we are overwhelmed and stressful, sometimes we just need a break, yes just a very short break everyday makes a huge difference!

Don't call it luxury, grabbing some quiet moments for ourselves everyday should never be any waste of time, it is necessary(and priority) to everyone unless you prefer self-torturing.

No matter we have an hour or just 5 minutes, the power of solitude is far more than expected. Put aside all the daily stuff and empty our mind for a while. It can be a coffee break at a quiet corner, a walk in the park, or simply look up at the sky and watch the cloud, we can even do a painting or write all depends on the time you are willing to spare. The main purpose is to relax and focus on the present moment, it's not difficult to get mindfulness! (Stay away from the phone, don't get online, your conscious mind could never get the real rest when you keep feeding yourself with Facebook feeds)

When was the last time you communicate with yourself and feel your true feeling? Do you know we are the best listener and consultant to ourselves?

The quiet moment opens up the communication channel with our inner self, allows us to feel our emotion and feeling. The calmness does not only relieve us from stress, it lets us to see things clearly in a more objective view, and unexpectedly brings out brilliant ideas. We feel totally re-energized and sometimes even "enlightened"!

Even taking your mind one minute away is good to re-boot the system or save yourself  from  the overwhelm situation on the spot. Simply close your eyes and focus on the deep breaths, or stare at somewhere far away outside the window, bring your mind up to the clouds and let it be free (mind free) for one minute.

When I communicate with myself, I feel my whole self in the greatest harmony and peace, everything happening within me becomes smooth, natural, appropriate and good, hence I got the highest fulfillment from it. I always have most of my problems solved and questions answered during my quiet moment with myself, and I feel really grateful about it.

So let's treat our mind a short vacation everyday! 

Be good to ourselves!

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