Hello, my name is Stella, a Hong Kong based Designer and Calligrapher who loves creating and exploring the beauty of everything.

My passion for Calligraphy started as early as I was a kid. I was always fascinated by the beautiful ink movement from the calligraphy demonstration on TV. At the same time, I loved watching how my Uncles engraved in both Chinese and English on different surfaces with their skilful hands. When I was 16, I started practising Chinese Calligraphy and painting. I also explored Japanese and Western Calligraphy when I was studying in Japan. However, it wasn't until seven years ago that I started infusing Calligraphy and Hand-lettering into my design work. 


As a graduate of Fashion Design, I also studied International Multimedia Design in Tokyo, Event Design and Fashion Shooting Makeup in London before I earned an MBA in Innovation and Design Management. My career life therefore has always been related to the Fashion and Design World - I used to be a Costume Designer and Fashion Stylist before I shifted to Fashion Brands Management, where I gained lots of creative experiences working with many International Brands, including the planning of fashion shows and events, participating in the art direction of fashion shooting and advertising.


Starting from 2014, I decided to focus on my passion - creating aesthetic projects with Calligraphy and Design. 

I have started designing and writing for different clients such as bareMinerals, Calvin Klein, Cartier, Dior, Tods, Hogan, SKII, Serge Lutens, IPSA, Hopewell, Kiehl's since 1851, Lane Crawford, Mont Blanc, Piaget, Tiffany & Co., etc.

My works include writing to engraving, doodling, painting, logo designing, styling, and brand building.


I love working on different kinds of projects with my calligraphy and design. If you have any ideas or interests, please feel free to contact me for collaboration. :)



HISM is not my surname. It represents my belief in perfect Harmony in our basic nature.