Marble Surface

Customer Reviews


Ken Chan
(ig/fb: @kens_callilife)

"I’ve been looking for the tutorial blackletter sheets for beginners and I’m so happy to find this Fraktur worksheet from Stella. Her guide & practice sheets are simple, easy to use & amazing overall. It is awesome and the price is not expensive. I already completed it within a week and I'm highly recommended it to all of you if you want to learn this kind of lettering. Now, I'm looking forward to her capital letter and variations."

Laurence Nizier
(ig/fb: @Laurence_et_laska)

"Your worksheet is very good and easy to work. But fraktur is harder than I thought 😅 I need a loooooot of practice"



"In simple words... The Holy Grail of guidelines. Not only it is easy to understand but it goes on a pace that you actually feel learning each of the foundational strokes that make up each shape to form a letter. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE MAJUSCULES to come out. Thank you Stella"

Rita Nef

Ich finde sie ganz super, sehr gut zum lernen.Vielen Dank!