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(fraktur workbooks)

Marble Surface

I come from a fine arts background primarily focused in portraiture, but calligraphy had always been a hidden passion of mine. I started off with copperplate which was my first passion, and I grew rather quickly into it, but on the back of my mind there was always a longing for Blackletter and Fraktur specifically. Yet, I was always afraid to get into it on my own, it seemed like a completely different world, and doing it alone could mean making my life a lot harder than I need to. With a couple of pens lying around from my college years, I stumbled across Stella's workbooks casually scrolling through my instagram. That was when I took the plunge. These workbooks were fundamental in shortening my learning curve. Everything from the guidelines to the ways on how to write each letter, how to perform each and different stroke, completely revolutionised my practice and made my life a lot easier. If you're wondering whether you should grab these, if you're planning on starting fraktur, look no further because this is the definitive starting point.

Rui Ferreira (Portugal)

ig/fb: @ruiferreirart

Ken Chan

(ig/fb: @kens_callilife)

"I’ve been looking for the tutorial blackletter sheets for beginners and I’m so happy to find this Fraktur worksheet from Stella. Her guide & practice sheets are simple, easy to use & amazing overall. It is awesome and the price is not expensive. I already completed it within a week and I'm highly recommended it to all of you if you want to learn this kind of lettering. Now, I'm looking forward to her capital letter and variations."

Katharine T

"This is a very complete guide for learning the lower case Fraktur alphabet. There are detailed examples and practice pages for each stroke as well as every letter. Instructions are easy to follow and Stella's calligraphy is beautiful. I highly recommend it."


These worksheets are so easy to follow and made to fit the Pilot parallel pen which makes practice so accessible and straightforward. A great starter for anyone wanting to learn Fraktur and the good thing about it is you can print out any pages you need over and over again! Very good product.


 Very comprehensive and user friendly. The design is clear and neat. It guides me to learn Fraktur step by step.


(ig/fb: @inkexperienced)

"Have just started on the lowercase worksheets today and I love it so much! I absolutely adore the fact that there’s a mini parallel pen on the page to show what angle the nib should be at when writing & it’s so so so useful! I really really love how the guidesheets were made and the thought that went behind it - it’s honestly such a genius idea to help keep the nib in a 45 degree angle. I’m truly truly amazed and already loving the practice!"



"In simple words... The Holy Grail of guidelines. Not only it is easy to understand but it goes on a pace that you actually feel learning each of the foundational strokes that make up each shape to form a letter. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE MAJUSCULES to come out. Thank you Stella"

Laurence Nizier
(ig/fb: @Laurence_et_laska)

"Your worksheet is very good and easy to work. But fraktur is harder than I thought 😅 I need a loooooot of practice"


(ig/fb: @daisy)

"great worksheet"


(ig/ fb: @sammi)


"very nice"


(ig/fb: @zit_art)

"Easy to use! Love it very much."

Rita Nef

"Ich finde sie ganz super, sehr gut zum lernen.Vielen Dank!"

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