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Brush Pen or Pointed Pen?
Pointed pen here refers to the dip ink pen with pointed nib, while Brush pen here refers to the modern portable brush pen with ink inside the pen.
You may wonder which one is more difficult to learn or which one is better to start with. In fact, it really doesn't matter. All you have to know is which one you like more. If you are just interested in brush pens, you can start with it directly. However if you are interested in both, I personally recommend you starting with pointed pen Copperplate first where it helps you to build up a better strength on the basic letter form and appreciate the aesthetic from the finest detail. But again there is no absolute rule there, you can choose according to your preference.
Pointed Pen Modern or Copperplate?
Both Copperplate and Pointed Pen Modern Calligraphy Workshops use dip ink pointed pen and are suitable for beginners. While Copperplate is a traditional script with rules and forms to follow, the modern script is comparatively free style and relaxing. You don't need to learn Point Pen Modern before joining the Copperplate one. It all depends on which style you want to learn. Though I always recommend learning the traditional rules before developing your own, you may try the Pointed Pen Modern first if you are not sure whether you will be interested to continue or not.  On the contrary, if you are determined to learn in a more serious and detail manner, Copperplate is highly recommended as it will help you to build up a stronger base before developing your own style of writing.
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