This worksheet is made for everyone who is interested in learning Fraktur. You will start from the essential basic strokes, and learn how to make the letter stems with layered strokes and finally the alphabets. The script in this worksheet is a very basic form of Fraktur with the simplest strokes used. Therefore it is very suitable for beginners learning Blackletter.


If you have interest in learning more, the Fraktur lowercase variations and Uppercse worksheet will also be available soon! Stay tuned!

Fraktur Basic Lowercase Letters - Digital Worksheet

    • The 53-page (includes cover) worksheet contains 13 pages of strokes exercises and 28 pages of alphabets exercises with instructions and detailed steps.
    • Each page includes traceable strokes and alphabets for your practice before writing in your own.
    • The guide sheet is specially designed by Stella for the learning of Fraktur lowercase. A blank guide sheet is included for your further practice.
    • You can print the pages and practice as much as you like.
    • Instant downloadable digital worksheet in PDF format (not physical product).
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